I recently gained a PhD from the University of Southampton, based on my thesis Between Religion and Ethnicity: How Jews Navigated Race Relations in Postwar Britain, supervised by Tony Kushner and Devorah Baum. My research brings bridges Jewish Studies, Ethnic Studies and Modern British History, focussing on how the British Jewish community responded to the world of race relations in Britain, from the late 1950s until the millennium.

Academic Articles

‘”Wogs” and “Kikes”: The Jewish Tribune – West Indian World Controversy of 1978, Jewish Culture and History, 23:4 (2022), pp. 403-415.

‘Arguments Among Socialists’ – a review of Confronting Antisemitism on the Left: Arguments for Socialists by Daniel Randall, Patterns of Prejudice, 56:2-3 (2022), pp. 201-203.

‘British Jews and the Race Relations Acts’ – chapter in Anti-Racism in Modern Britain: Histories and Trajectories (forthcoming, Manchester University Press)

Conference Papers

‘Did British Jews Become “White Folks” in Postwar Britain?’ British and Irish Association of Jewish Studies Conference, July 2023, Edge Hill University

‘British Jewish Reports on “Race”: 1969-2021’, Centres and Margins in Postwar Jewish Worlds, July 2022, University of Birmingham

‘Must Antisemitism Always Go Up? Counting Antisemitism in Britain Over Time’, British and Irish Association of Jewish Studies Conference, July 2022, Kings College London

‘Chief Rabbis and Rabble Rousers: The mid-1980s Crisis of Black-Jewish relations in Britain’,

British Association of Jewish Studies Conference, July 2021, University of Southampton (online)

‘Jewish Anti-Racists in Postwar Britain’, Anti-Racism in Britain: Histories and Trajectories, February 2021, Online

Selected Mainstream Publications

‘Ridley Road’, Jewthink, November 2021

‘If Jews Don’t Count As an Ethnic Minority, It’s Because We Haven’t Always Wanted To’, Novara Media, March 2021

‘Don’t Be Fooled, Brexit is a Jewish Issue, Vashti, December 2019

‘These BDS Supporting British Jewish Students Are Changing Their Community’, The Forward December 2017

‘Black Lives Matter to UK Jews – Unless Israel Gets In The Way’ The Forward, August 2016

‘Jewish and Democratic? The State of the Board of Deputies’, Jewish Quarterly 62:1, 2015.

‘Jeremy Corbyn and “Friends”’, The New York Times, September 2015